advisory services

Our primary focus is to reduce the gap between business and IT, and to help clients realize measurable business value from their IT-enabled investments.

We are capable of providing end to end solutions like secure intranets, team collaboration platforms, interactive website experiences, staff augmentation services and provide subject matter expertise at any point of solution delivery.
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PLATFORM Performance EnhancementS


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    Datacenter Optimization services

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    End-User Computing services

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    Infrastructure Operations Optimization services

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    Application Development

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    Application Maintenance

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    Application Portfolio Management

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    Perfomance Engineering and Enhancement

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    Validation and Testing services

DISCOVER and roadmap

Discovery sessions are of extreme value when clients are trying to envision and understand the features and functions of technology. Setting up discovery sessions provide a platform to talk to business owners, IT teams and end users which helps us understand the core requirements to deliver innovative solutions.

Architecture and pre-design roadmapping is key to ensure a cost effective and scalable solution with cutting edge user experience. Our engineers will engage with your IT and Business teams to architect and plan solutions that are a right fit for your business.

testing and governance

Testing services help clients across all industry verticals build tomorrow’s Quality Assurance framework through a blend of transformation models, service offerings to identify and address the changing technology landscape. 

Making quick and informed decisions in a complex, fast paced, competitive business environment, and understanding governance implications across the value chain. Recommending right governance policies in engineering concepts, technologies and business systems helps us create more value for our customers.



A leading shoe manufacturer was looking to transform its legacy extranet from a 3rd party content management system into an automated and collaborative platform, accessible to both its employees and vendors.

Infilabs upgraded this legacy content management system to a SharePoint based extranet, with consistent branding, interactive approach to showcase products, discussion boards to post feedback,
a rating system to evaluate new product ideas, a centralized dashboard for status updates and automated workflows for common vendor-company transactions.


A legacy, static website needed to be transformed into a dynamic, interactive and a product-driven site. The site had to cater to customers, distributors and various business units. A content publishing process had to be set up. Product pages had to be data-driven for ease of maintenance.

Given these business requirements, Infilabs set up a product-driven, customer-centric site by re-architecting, re-platforming and
re-designing the existing site. Post successful launch, we proceeded with developing the corporate site that involved additional business segments.

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