An enterprise website is the face of your organization in the online world. End users, potential customers and interested partners often form their opinion of an organization based on the design, content and functionality of the websites. This is where Infilabs can deliver value.

We have implemented numerous award-winning SharePoint websites and if you want your website to stand out from the crowd, showcase your brand, create and sustain customer interest, we are here to help. 
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custom branding with html 5 
multilingual support / mobile variations
custom search and social presence
responsive and search engine optimized


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    Lower IT costs with a flexible and scalable content publishing platform.

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    Better manage risk by safeguarding your business with secure and reliable capabilities.

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    Increase productivity through cost-effective and efficient web content management,

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    Exercise fine control over who has access to information

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    Monitor and report who actually accessed and modified critical information


We can quickly set up product-driven, customer-centric SharePoint web sites, reading data from content catalogs, xml files, external databases or web services.

Using powerful analytics features, we can help you filter, sort, group and analyze data, combine data from different sources, navigate through the data and be able to visualize data quickly and easily.

Delivering fast access to real-time information will make your organization agile and adaptable, a key requirement in today’s data-driven online world.


Community or member-based sites are the perfect way to engage customers and obtain real-time feedback, across desktop, tablet and mobile devices​.

We have extensive experience building community or member-based sites. Users can join or leave a community as they wish and gain points for activities like posting topics, replying, liking etc.

We will set you up with blogs, wikis and discussions boards, enable users to make connections thus nurturing your customer relationships and strengthening your brand.



The philosophy behind the creation of Ferrari’s newly renovated production areas required that the buildings and their functions should be designed with the employees in mind. This philosophy became known as Formula Uomo.

Infilabs engineers teamed up with Microsoft Consulting Services and played a key role to develop a visually stunning, public-facing Ferrari site which won the Top SharePoint Site award for 2009.


The Kempinski 7-star luxury hotel group name is proudly borne by a growing collection of distinguished properties around the world. Kempinski is Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, and is committed to provide its guests with memorable journeys inspired by exquisite European flair.

Infilabs engineering team helped Kempinski develop a multilingual site on the SharePoint, reflecting the strength and success of the Kempinski brand. The website has contributed significantly in the areas of hotel reservations and interactive customer service experiences. Website was ranked as the Top SharePoint site of 2010.


This global car manufacturer needed a dynamic site to showcase its varied product lines, with a full range of functionality. Also, site navigation had to be non-cluttered and intuitive.

Infilabs developed this SharePoint based public-facing site, with cascading menu navigation and customized search features.
The site is visually stunning with customized branding that matched Fiat’s expectations and is tightly integrated with social features.
The Fiat site was selected as the  Top SharePoint Site for 2011.


A legacy, static website needed to be transformed into a dynamic, interactive and a product-driven site. The site had to cater to customers, distributors and various business units. A content publishing process had to be set up. Product pages had to be data-driven for ease of maintenance.

Given these business requirements, Infilabs set up a product-driven, customer-centric site by re-architecting, re-platforming and re-designing the existing site. Post successful launch, we proceeded with developing the corporate site that involved additional business segments.

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